Joining the union

Many workers from abroad are cheated when they work in Denmark. 3F is Denmark's largest and most powerful trade union and unemployment fund. 3F secures better wage and working conditions for its members.

Reasons for joining the union

Read more When you work in Denmark, it is important that you are paid the wages to which you are entitled and that you are decently treated.

Union dues

Read more Here you have an overview of the most ordinary membership fee categories within the 3F trade union. The price will depend on whether you are a member of both trade union and unemployment fund.

Membership advantages

Read more As a 3F member, you will automatically have a number of favourable membership advantages and discounts

About 3F

Read more The trade union 3F is Denmark's largest and most powerful trade union with collective agreements at more workplaces than any other trade union

Networks for ethnic groups

Read more In 3F, we have established an array of networks for workers of ethnic backgrounds other than Danish. This way, you not only become a part of an occupational and social community, you will also get the opportunity to be provided with knowledge about your rights as an employee in Denmark and a citizen of the Danish community.

Working all together

Read more 3F - Holding all together to keep the wheels moving and to improve work environment in Denmark.