Working conditions

When you have just moved to Denmark

Read more At one of the four international Citizen Service Centres in Denmark, you can get help with respect to which papers you need to have when you have taken up residence in Denmark.


Read more If you are ill, it is important that you inform your employer immediately. It is important that you are familiar with the rules about giving notification of illness – both when you are employed and unemployed. 3F knows the rules and is able to help you.


Read more If your employer does not have the money to pay your wages or other expenses, then he can file a petition for suspension of payments.

Employee representation

Read more Many 3F members take on representative duties because they have a desire to contribute to the creation of a better workplace and improved organisation of workers. The employee representatives constitute the 3F backbone.

Working Environment

Read more In Denmark, we have rules and legislation targeted at securing a healthy working environment for you. If you have any doubts about your working conditions, you can always ask your local 3F trade union.

Starting your own business

Read more If you wish to start your own business activities, there are a number of rules with which you need to make yourself acquainted. You are under an obligation to report income and expenses.