Illness (Sygdom)   If you are ill, it is important that you inform your employer immediately. It is important that you are familiar with the rules about giving notification of illness – both when you are employed and unemployed. 3F knows the rules and is able to help you.

Usually, you can receive sickness benefit or pay during illness. It depends on how long you have been employed and if there is a collective agreement in your work place.  

If you are taken ill, you must always report sick on your first day of illness. Regardless whether you are employed or unemployed, it is your duty to know the rules for reporting sick and the applicable deadlines. And it is important that you comply with these rules.
If you are employed, you must immediately contact your place of work in order to give notification of your illness.
If you are unemployed, you report sick via

You can always obtain help from your trade union representative or in your local 3F branch if you are ill and need more knowledge about your possibilities, rights and duties.

Read more about the rules in connection with illness


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