Forside Fordele Få hjælp Bliv medlem Søg Log ind Coronavirus The Corona crisis If you have any doubts about your situation, whether you are unemployed, will be sent home or made redundant with regards to the corona crisis - here you will get an overview of what is applicable.

Free membership for up to three months in connection with COVID-19

Unemployed members receive free membership for up to three months in connection with COVID-19.

The current corona crisis has sent many members of 3F into unemployment, during a time when finding a new job has become more difficult.

Therefore, 3F is currently offering to exempt unemployed persons from union membership payment for a period of three months, applicable for March, April and May.

Specifically, it will apply to those who are members of both 3F’s trade union and A-kasse (unemployment insurance fund), and who are registered as unemployed via Jobnet during the months of March, April or May, regardless of the reason for unemployment.

The exemption applies only to the union membership fee for national and local departments.

This means that you must continue to pay membership fees to your A-kasse, group and industry group membership, as well as your group life insurance.

As each local department sets its own departmental membership fee, the total union membership fee may vary depending on which department you are a member of. On average, this amounts to 465 DKK a month.

Exemption applies to all unemployed persons, on a month-to-month basis. This means that if you are unemployed solely for the month of March, but get a job again for April and May, then the membership fee exemption applies for one month only.

No. The deduction will happen automatically. You will need to pay the amount stated on the bill. If you are unemployed, or have been unemployed during the applicable period, you will subsequently receive a reduced membership fee.

In practical terms, there will be a delay, i.e. a time delay. This is partly due to the fact that in some cases, membership fees have already been charged for the month of March and even April. Moreover, there are both pre- and back-dated payments.

This means that your membership fee exemption is likely to first come into effect from May 1st.

If you are unemployed - or become unemployed

Maybe you are unemployed, or maybe you fear that you will become unemployed during the corona crisis, which is expected to hit many companies hard. 

The government and social partners have made a deal that provides support for companies that send employees home with pay, rather than dismissing people. This will hopefully save many jobs. However, many have already been laid off.  

Here, you can get an overview of your situation, whether you get made redundant, are sent home, or already are unemployed. The guidelines below are indicative, and rules and suggestions may go through amendments on a day-to-day basis. Stay tuned on, where you will find the latest gathered information on the implications of the corona virus. You can also contact your local branch. (This text was updated on 31st March)

Contact your local branch

Due to this exceptional situation, the government has decided that the unemployed will get a “timeout”. Job centres and unemployment funds are slowing down, and being unemployed, it means that you do not have to be at the labour market’s disposal right now.

It means:

  • you are not required to go for meetings at the job centre or at your unemployment fund’s branch
  • you are not required to look for two jobs a week, week but it would still be useful to do so.
  • you do not need to use the job log, but if you are searching for employment anyways, the unemployment fund advises you to use the job log. 

If you have a job interview, contact the employer and ask whether the meeting is still on.

These rules are in effect until further notice.

If you have become infected, for example, as the result of having travelled, you may stay home and receive unemployment benefits at the same time. This is so, because there are no requirements for job searching, going to meetings etc.

If you become infected or are quarantined, this would be considered sickness/illness. In this case, you will receive unemployment benefits from the unemployment insurance fund for the first 14 days, after which you will receive sickness benefits from the municipality instead, if you are still ill.

Here are several possible scenarios.

The first is that you are sent home with pay, cf. the agreement from 15th March on compensation to companies.

Another possibility is that you will get laid off:

  • if you do NOT have an agreement, the employer must terminate you with the termination notice stated in your contract. Once your termination notice has expired, you can apply for unemployment benefits. It is important that the termination notice is adhered to, otherwise it will be considered “self-inflicted unemployment” and you risk three weeks of quarantine imposed by the unemployment insurance fund.
  • If you have an agreement, there may be exceptional possibilities of being sent home and receiving unemployment benefits.

Please note that the rules concerning G-days are not in force.  The suspension of the rules applies to all employers, but only with regards to the sending home of employees and division of labour. In the case of a ‘regular’ dismissal with a period of notice, the employer shall continue to pay for the first two days you have been sent home / made redundant - if you have worked at least 74 hours at the employer’s. The unemployment insurance fund cannot pay unemployment benefits for the days when you get your G-days paid by your employer.

It is important that you register as unemployed on the first day of unemployment. You can do this on In addition, you must apply for unemployment benefits. You do this on Mit3F - remember your NemID. Finally, you must create a CV at, or update your resume if you have one already.

To be able to get unemployment benefits, you need to meet the requirements for unemployment benefits, including the one that stipulates that you have been a member of the unemployment insurance fund for one year. In addition, you must meet an income requirement.

If you do not meet the requirements or you are not a member of the unemployment insurance fund, then you must contact the municipality and apply for cash benefits, for example.

Due to the risk of infection at present, please do not visit your local unemployment insurance fund branch. Besides, it is unnecessary since you can sign up for the jobnet and apply for unemployment benefits from your computer.

Please feel free to call the unemployment insurance fund.

Apprentice or trainee

Your situation during the corona virus crisis.

Right now, Denmark finds itself in a situation that unfortunately affects many of us in one way or another. For a while, many trainees and apprentices will experience uncertainty with regards to their course. Here, you will get an overview of what applies to you, whether you are a trainee or an apprentice

Your employer may well send you home because of the crisis. Some companies will make use of the tripartite agreement to send employees home with full pay, while the employer receives state compensation. The tripartite agreement is also applicable to apprentices.

The apprentice must receive full pay; the company will receive salary compensation equal to 90 percent of the employees’ salaries. You must contribute by agreeing to take five days holidays or days off.

If you are on your probation period, probation is put hold hold while you are covered by the scheme.

If at all possible, the apprentice must stay working at the company and not be sent home.

From the outset, you should not be laid off as an apprentice because you have signed a training agreement instead of an employment contract.

If you are terminated despite this, it is important that you did not contribute to the termination or have an influence on the termination of the contract yourself. Also, do not accept a pledge that you can return after the crisis. Because if you accept it, you cannot continue to carry on with your training with training benefits.

In any case, contact your local 3F department should this happen, as if a trainee/apprentice is dismissed because of the corona crisis, then the case must be brought before the union committee.

Thereafter, you should contact your training centre and get yourself signed up for training, so you can continue your course. 

It is the training centres that decide whether the trainees are sent home and whether distance learning/e-learning can be implemented.

If you are sent home, you have to report to the company you are doing your training with and the company will decide on what you need to do.

At some point, you will be notified by the training centre as to when classes will recommence. 

Right now, training centres are closed. This means that your final examination may be postponed and your course could be extended.

On 3rd April, 3F proposed that the social partners and the government should convene and reach an agreement that ensures that apprentices and trainees can complete their courses. 

You will receive information as soon as we are told more about this. 

You must call in sick as you normally would. The corona crisis will not change this protocol.  Also, please follow the advice of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority (“Sundhedsstyrelsen”). 

In general, 3F strongly encourages all companies to use this opportunity to send employees home with pay and receive compensation for salary, rather than laying people off.

3F's focus is to ensure that apprentices/trainees can continue their course and complete it. Therefore, 3F has called for a new tripartite agreement to ensure that trainees and apprentices do not find themselves in difficulties due to the crisis.

If a company has acted too hastily and terminated a training agreement with a trainee/apprentice, 3F calls for the termination to be revoked as soon as possible.

New tripartite agreement

We have gathered a number of questions and answers in relation to the tripartite agreement. The agreement about the deal was reinforced on 30th March.Note that the answers are only indicative. Remember that you can always contact your local 3F branch if you experience changes in your work due to the corona situation. (This text was updated on 31st March).

During the period in which the company is covered by the wage compensation agreement, the company must pay you the wages you are due, as usual. The company will then cover part of the wage costs from the state.

For full-time employees: Salary compensation will represent 75 percent of the total salary expenses for the employees covered. However, only a maximum of DKK 30,000 per month.

For hourly paid workers: salary compensation may amount to 90 per cent, but a maximum of DKK 30,000 per month for a full-time employee covered by the scheme.

The agreement applies to companies that faces having to notify layoffs of at least 30 percent of their employees or more than 50 employees. No, a prerequisite for salary compensation is that the company does not dismiss employees due to financial reasons. No, you must not work, but be sent home in the compensation period with full pay.

If you are covered by the wage compensation agreement at your place of work, you should use five days of holidays or days to counterbalance overtime (afspadseringsdage). In those days, the company will not receive compensation. If you have not accumulated holiday days or overtime (afspadsering), you will have to take leave without pay or use holiday days from the new holiday year.

Right now, we are in a situation that has huge implications for our society. It also means that we all should help to get as many people as possible through this period in the best possible way. But, the fact is that everyone here will suffer losses. The state will grant subsidies so that companies do not have to dismiss workers, companies will pay part of the wage costs, and employees will then contribute by waivering five holidays or overtime days (afspadsering).

The temporary compensation scheme will enter into force retroactively from 9th March to 9th June, 2020.

In the upcoming days, the agreement will come into force and more details will come to light. We will keep updating our site here with answers and you are always welcome to contact your local 3F branch.

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