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About 3F (Om 3F)   The trade union 3F is Denmark's largest and most powerful trade union with collective agreements at more workplaces than any other trade union

In Denmark, by far the majority of workers are members of a trade union.

With about 300,000 members, the trade union, 3F, is Denmark's largest. 3F has more than 50,000 members from other countries. This is equal to 13 percent. 3F helps you in case your employer violates the legislation or the rules and agreements in force in the labour market.

For instance, we provide assistance in conflict situations, and if you become unemployed, you can get unemployment benefits via the unemployment fund. Moreover, 3F has a wide variety of offers for its members – such as courses, insurance and discount schemes.

You are always welcome for a chat, then we can tell you what we can do for you.


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Join 3F. 3F is Denmark's largest trade union. We have collective agreements at more work places than any other Danish trade union.

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