Be part of the community and get financial support in case of strike or lockout The 2023 collective bargaining in the private labour market has started and 3F is ready for the negotiations.

Negotiators usually do reach settlements without the event of a strike, but the risk of major conflict is present, as past negotiations have shown.

As a 3F union member, you will be entitled to financial compensation in the event of a major conflict, corresponding to the highest unemployment benefit rate.

However, if you are only a member of the 3F unemployment fund, you are not entitled to financial support in the event of a conflict. You will also not be able to receive daily unemployment benefit if your workplace is involved in a conflict.'

If you are not already a member of the union, you must join by 1 February 2023 if you want to be eligible for conflict benefits. 

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What is being negotiated?

A decent union will negotiate your pay and conditions and help you if negotiations break down. During the spring of 2023, private employees in 3F's areas are due to have new collective agreements.

Feel free to contact your local 3F branch if you have any questions.

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